Ninjago Party: Pin the Beard to Sensei Wu.

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Ninjago Party: Pin the Beard to Sensei Wu.

Funy Pin the Beard to Sensei Wu.

This is a nice party activity!

You´ll need a Sensei Wu poster with the beard previously cut out. Print out some beards (find the printable below). They should fit in with the poster´s size. Give a beard to each kid. Whilst blindfolded and by turns, they should try to put on the right place the beard with the instructions given by the other guests.

Here you have the printables. Don´t forget to click on the images before sving them for a better quality.

Ninjago Party: Pin the Beard to Sensei Wu.

Ninjago Party: Pin the Beard to Sensei Wu.


From ohmh and ci
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Pin the Beard



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